How to set goals and achieve them – The Proper Way to Set Goals

Simply by learning how to properly set goals we can dramatically improve our standard of living. Once we understand how goals work and how we can use them to tap into new opportunties and old dreams.
Most people set goals but very few will ever live to see them become reality. There are many reasons for goal setting failure, but the principle one is a lack of understanding how to set goals.
The fact is, when you set goals in the correct way you will-
Increase Your Productivity. Because you set goals, and prioritize your day around them, you tend to get things done quicker and far more efficiently. You refuse to allow distractions get in your way. Frivolous activities fall to the side, and people who would otherwise be a drain on your time seem to fade in the rearview.
Have Powerful Self-Confidence. The purpose you feel from going after the things you are most passionate about fuels a deep and natural feeling of well-being within you commonly known as scorching self-confidence. The elation you get from achieving the little goals along the way only serve to make you feel more confident in yourself and your abilities.
Develop Laser-Like Focus. By knowing what you want, and exactly how you are going to get it, you are able to zero in on this task with laser-like focus. With this ability to truly concentrate on things, you are able to achieve faster, and at level of quality that will astound your peers and family.
Now that you understand the benefits of goal setting, let’s jump into the process of learning how to set goals in a way that will give you that highest chances of success. Adhere to these simple rules the next time you set goals–

Set Goals and Plan From Today.
When you set goals, it is great to think about where you want to end up tomorrow, but keep in mind that the most important step is the one you take today. What are you going to right now to make sure that you goals take shape? What is the first step going to be in your journey? When we set goals we are talking about the future, so it is easy to relegate acting on it until tomorrow or the day after. Don’t fall into this common mental trap. Set goals, and start living them immediately.
When You Set Goals, Allow Yourself Flexibility.
Why is this necessary? Simple, when we make our goals flexible and liquid, we allow ourselves the chance to adapt when things don’t go our way. When we set goals that are rigid, and we don’t achieve them, we tend to throw the whole process out the window. When the true culprit is that we didn’t give ourselves the chance to make some mistakes along the way.
Affix a Deadline.
When we give a goal an open-ended deadline, we are performing a form of procrastination. We are allowing ourselves to place the goal in the distant future, in the land of “somewhere” and “somehow.” We are leaving our goals to fate, and fate rarely has a way of giving us anything without us putting something in first.
Vary Your Plan of Attack.
When you set goals, you should be thinking about the different ways that you can achieve them. You want to be able to attack your goal from as many angles and directions as possible. This will do two things: First, you will have options if your original plan doesn’t work, and secondly, by varying your attack you will be consistently engaged. We get bored doing the same thing over and over again. For instance, if you had set goals regarding losing weight, you could try several different diet plans and numerous fitness regimens.
Monitor Your Goals.
Now that you have set goals, created a plan of action, and have taken the first step in achieving them, here comes the hard part-following through with them. An easy way to do this is to monitor and evaluate your goals. Keeping track of your progress will give you a chance to see where you are doing well, and where you aren’t and be able to adjust accordingly.

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Regardless of whether you wish to earn more money, lose fat, get into some graduate program, or simply maintain a clean house, setting up goals will allow you to accomplish much more with your life and keep you motivated to be the very best you are able to possibly be. Everybody has aspirations, but without clear and concise goals, most people will not succeed. Here are some suggestions for you to stick to when setting your objectives:

1) Set SMART Goals

For those who have not read about SMART Goals before, it means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Here’s one particualr SMART goal to help you recognize how SMART goals are set:

Goal: Get A Job
Specific: I want to work for an advertising agency within the New York area.
Measurable: I will judge my progress towards this goal through the number of applications and interviews I’m able to get.
Attainable: I have a college degree and also have worked in the business, so I will be able to get the position.
Realistic: By submitting applications three times every week, I’ll realistically have the ability to accomplish this goal.
Timely: I will get this job by this year’s end.

As you can tell, setting up a SMART goal will allow you to clarify your goal and set up realistic steps to attain it.

2) Always Write Down Your Goal and Communicate It

By recording your goals, you will have something definite to remind you of what it is you want to accomplish. Simply writing down something will subliminally pressure you to try harder to accomplish it. Also, don’t hesitate to convey your goals to people. By telling relatives and buddies, you’ll hold yourself more responsible for the goal, and thus will be more likely to stick to it.

3) Set Up Goals For Everything

Goals can help you with almost anything, so don’t hesitate to set them! Many individuals believe that they understand what they want, and believe it is pointless to set up goals. Avoid being one of these people!
Even though you think you are sure about what it is you want, it will always help to work through and take note of your goals. You will end up surprised at the insight it provides, and the increased determination you’ll receive by working through your goals.

4) Be Confident With Your Goals!

Finally, make certain you are confident with the goals you set. Think positively, and wonderful things will happen!

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